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Elite Beat - Selected Rhythms Volume 2

Elite Beat - Selected Rhythms Volume 2

Research Records

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Research Records continue their voyage into Elite Beat’s extraordinary back catalogue with their second compilation Selected Rhythms Vol. 2. The chosen tracks are lifted from the Portland collective's three-part cassette series Casual Rhythms; a treasure chest of meditative and genre-defying instrumentals where percussion and dub accents prevail.

Elite Beat’s approach to producing music is their routine for respite. The band reflects when they come together weekly, it’s an opportunity to put down their other projects, ambitions, work and life stresses for a few hours and “just be.” This spirit flows into their free-form expression, absorbing both the band and the listener. Additionally, Elite Beat reveals the foundation of their output lies in the discipline of being able to sustain vibration through repetition. There’s a constant coiling mantra throughout each track, the band commenting “while many musicians can get totally bored playing the same thing over and over, we love it!”

The mixing process swings between embracing the warmth of live recordings and generating noise with analog manipulation. The band experiments with their recorded sound expressing “we are less concerned with sounding like 90% of recorded music out there and more concerned with trying shit out.” Elite Beat also cite dub music and it’s process of recording as an inspiration and how this approach lends itself to a “deep listening experience,” a notion the band channels artfully.

Remastered for the first time on vinyl, Selected Rhythms Vol. 2 adds to the immersive and interstellar tapestry of Elite Beat. The compilation delves deep into the healing and hypnosis that characterises the collective. For those who were inevitably left looking for more with Selected Rhythms Vol. 1, here’s a no-brainer.

1. Los Baez By Midnight [04:00]
2. Cosmic Imbalance [03:55]
3. 1000 Stairs [03:59]
4. Duck Dive [05:24]
5. The Confuser (Dub) [05:14]
6. Undertow [03:15]
7. Triplitizer [02:52]
8. RLC (Vocoder Dub) [05:54]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Research Records
Catalog: RESEARCH10
Released: 2021
Genre: Dub / Experimental / Casual Rhythm