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Big Yawn - No! Remixes

Big Yawn - No! Remixes

Research Records

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Electronic four-piece Big Yawn invites five revered artists to reconstruct their debut album No!, originally released in March 2020 through Research Records.

The remixes convey a unique combination of darker textures and brooding sounds, clearly indebted to their source material.

The release features interpretations from Sleep D, Jay Glass Dubs, Maria Moles, Bullant and Raymond Scottwalker.

Rhythm merchants Sleep D (Butter Sessions) up the tempo and weave their signature expansive production in their fearless take on ‘Reflex’.

Prolific producer Jay Glass Dubs (Bokeh Versions) flavours the ‘Body Double’ refix with looping clattering drums and glitchy murk, creating a compelling arrangement.

Like a drift into a warm gorge, percussionist Maria Moles (Nice Music) inserts gentle sustained synth work into ‘Doodle Damage’.

Bullant (Flightless Records) pulls the listener out abruptly with a rework of ‘Skinrat’, a house-streaked churner.

Raymond Scottwalker (Fallopian Tunes) wraps up the record with another rework of ‘Reflex’, creating a mind-bending, aggressive industrial rejig.

Big Yawn’s remix EP is a dynamic pairing to No!, entrusting an exceptional group of musicians to adhere to the spirit of the record, yet take it in a totally re-imagined direction


1. Reflex (Sleep D Remix) [05:39]
2. Body Double (Jay Glass Dubs Refix) [07:30]
3. Doodle Damage (Maria Moles Remix) [05:26]
4. Skinrat (Bullant Remix) [06:13]
5. Reflex (Raymond Scott Walker Remix) [02:27]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: Research Records
Catalog: RREP05
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic / Dub Techno / Breaks / Ambient