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Basic Mind - "Rhizome Rhythms" EP

Basic Mind - "Rhizome Rhythms" EP

Good Company Records

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Basic Mind returns to Good Company Records for the first time since their stomping remix for Tourist Kid back in 2017 with an EP of 100% fully-organic, bio-dynamic, and naturally psychedelic dance music.

On the menu at Rhizome Rhythms?

Platter “A” delivers two juicy Balearic breakbeat burgers with a side of deep-fried techno, served very well done and dripping special sauce.

Option “B": For the health conscious, your choice of two cold-pressed smoothies: “Body of Water”, lightly acidified for good digestion, or the deeper cleanse of “On Spectrum”, high in aural fibre... Or have both at no extra cost!

WARNING: Side effects may include feelings of peace, love, unity and respect.

1. Idle Chatters [06:09]
2. Wave & Part [06:14]
3. Body Of Water [06:09]
4. On Spectrum [06:40]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Good Company Records
Catalog: GCR013
Released: March 2022
Genre: Deep House / Techno / Breaks