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Zru Vogue – Before The Moon Disappears

Zru Vogue – Before The Moon Disappears

Musiques Electroniques Actuelles

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Behold! Another Zru Vogue opus, a full-length album exploring themes of spirituality & nocturnal deliverance. ‘Before The Moon Disappears’ introduces more recent productions from the duo actually composed of Andrew L. Jackson & Rick Cuevas, followed by Patrick Coyne (long time Zru partner) at drums on some of the tracks. The sound is more ethereal, crossing up their funky groove with supernatural effects: smooth electronic arrangements meeting up the tribalistic mood of a desertic ground, drawning a place for Andy's voice... The guitars are delayed, treated with effects and thus brings a 'lounge' approach to the sound. All that gives the impression to face a dandy, speaking out 'cristal-clear' to your mind and only to your mind. This style reminds how chic and ellaborated Zru is! It results in a very immersive tale, calling the inside wish to move up and swim in an intriguing poetry that evokes surrealist experiments. This is how Zru Vogue stimulates your own-self. “You know how sometimes you try to fit in, but you stand out like a man in a rabbit costume on fire?” lf you're thinking to existentialism, Zru has the answer, that’s where their fictional hero comes up to the story: “Zero, a nothing guy living an ordinary life until he finds himself in an alternate, surreal dimension of reality where he starts to question fundamental notions of his own existence.”

A1.  A Day In The Life Of The Zru
A2.  Shadows
A3.  Still So Unsure
A4.  Realize (Real Eyes)
B1.  A Better Place
B2.  Garbage In / Garbage Out
B3.  Second Chances
B4.  Intrigue

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
Catalog: MEA-0005
Released: September 2021
Genre: Art-pop / New-wave / Alternative