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You'll Never Get To Heaven – Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall

You'll Never Get To Heaven – Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall

Séance Centre

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You’ll Never Get To Heaven (Alice Hansen and Chuck Blazevic aka Slow Attack Ensemble) returns with their fourth release Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train, a collection of ethereal songs that move through the mercurial weather patterns of minimalism and dream pop.

The duo named this album after the closing track on Phil Yost’s 1967 release Bent City, inspired by its prescient use of delay processing in elevating spare beatless arrangements into haunting arrays of sonic afterimages — an approach Hansen and Blazevic explore on this outing in their own way, with a few favoured instruments and a Chorus Echo and Revox in hand. The result is a collection of sparse, lightly dub-infused songs and instrumentals, equally icy and wistful, characterized by melodic fretless basslines, spaced-out harmonics, watery piano and marimba, hushed vocals, and tape echo treatments.

Stylistically, it’s almost as if the duo was imagining what an early This Mortal Coil demo might have sounded like had Ivo enlisted in lieu of the usual cast, with a pared back L’Empire Des Sons as the session band, and June Hardin or a young Julee Cruise on lead vocals. The album evokes an overcast autumnal evening of cloud-watching, an inner journey witness to an expansive spectrum of moods, from nimbus clouds to shimmering sun showers.

A1. Setting Sun [02:59]
A2. Pink and Gold and Blue [02:56]
A3. Dust [02:36]
A4. Pattern Waves [03:30]
B1. Eye, Soul and Hand [03:18]
B2. Mad Shadows [02:33]
B3. Eternal Present [02:59]
B4. Predawn Visions [02:28]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Seance Centre
Catalog: 29SC
Released: 2021
Genre: Dream-pop / Wave / Electronic