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Witch - Lazy Bones!!

Witch - Lazy Bones!!

Now Again

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Lazy Bones was the third album by the 70s Zambian band WITCH. The group was part of the country’s Zamrock scene, a phenomenon that’s been getting renewed attention in the 10s via reissues. WITCH started off sounding like an exciting garage band and ended up playing rock with African elements; this 1975 release mixes hard rock with 60s psych flavorings. “Black Tears” opens with gentle fuzztones blending with acoustic guitar before a boogie beat kicks in and the heavy riffing commences. “Motherless Child” evokes the Detroit-based band Rare Earth, another 70s outfit that mixed crunching rock and R&B. One section of “October Night” has a clearly African vibe that’s mostly absent from the other material. The title track, perhaps the catchiest cut, has a swinging groove that’s irresistible. “Evil Woman” is a slice of scraggly psych that deftly deploys wah-wah while the closer, “Little Clown,” veers into perky pop. The album’s guitar playing is consistently inventive and sometimes downright wild.

1. Black Tears
2. Motherless Child
3. Tooth Factory
4. Strange Dream
5. Look Out
6. Havoc
7. October Night
8. Off Ma Boots
9. Lazy Bones
10. Little Clown

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Now Again
Catalog: NA 5105LP
Released: 2010
Genre: Zamrock / Psych