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White Light / Jo Bogaert - Whale

White Light / Jo Bogaert - Whale

Stroom TV

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Curious crooners from the Belgian Dender area in the early 80's.

The other night when I was talking to my friend
I said: believe me, I wasn’t far from death when I lived in the hotel
the only thing that he could do was take me in his arms
and love me and kiss me and show me the difference between
friendship and love but there is none"

1. White Light - I Want You To Know Me 05:48
2. White Light - I Hear A Whale Song 02:11
3. Jo Bogaert - Would You 04:10
4. Jo Bogaert - So Obscene 05:44

Format: 180 gram 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Stroom TV
Catalog: STREP-048
Released: April 2021
Genre: New Wave / Experimental Pop