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V/A – 'K/L'

V/A – 'K/L'

Mélodies Souterraines

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Following up with an all new chapter, Mélodies Souterraines
introduces ‘K/L’ - a compilation under the sign of Japan and its
european connections. It’s not without reason that our occidental
countries developed an high love for japanese fantaisies and originality. A refined vision juggling between drama and irony, truly driven by a romantic approach of life, that reflects the constant modernity operating in this country. To install you in the right mood for love, the idea was to produce a smooth/equilabrated long-play 12"... Esthetically attractive, musically evocative.
Run to grab the last Mélodies Souterraines compilation until you miss
it and ask for mp3’s. This record is more than ever an amuse-bouche for those freaks and art lovers who, at night, feel and enjoy the full effect of mysteryious items. For the 1st time on the label, you’re invited to a colorful / graphic record that will shake your highly tuned senses. It’s not only music but something you can smell. . .

Far away. Far away.

K1. Manuel Duval – Dites 33
K2. Andy Rantzen, David Sudmalis – You Fell To The Floor Of The Sea
K3. Zmatsutsi – Mogadishu (Alternative Version)
K4. Miyako Koda – Sleep In Peace
L1. Free Disco – You Are My Sculpture (Heterosexual Mix)
L2. Electrodelia – Sister
L3. Tolouse Low Trax – Reserves To Talk
L4. Tase – Analyze

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Mélodies Souterraines
Catalog: SUBREC0645
Released: September 2021
Genre: Electronic / Leftfield / New-wave