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V/A – Domestic Documents Vol. 2

V/A – Domestic Documents Vol. 2

Butter Sessions

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Scratching the surface of Australia’s independent electronic massive, Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head finally compile the second volume of Domestic Documents. Featuring all exclusive tracks, Perth godfather Ewan Jansen joins new WA blood Phil Stroud and Senate, respectively making hectic percussion tracks and hell bent techno, as Newcastle transplant Roman Nails emerges with his squelching one take tape experiments. Meanwhile in Melbourne, Fia Fiell’s ambient mind maze and Butter Sessions alumni Booshank target the cerebral cortex, Hotrod goes full turbo and live/DJ wingmen Miris and Norachi share the same side of their vinyl debuts (alongside the freakishly underrated Colours of Infinity – aka Kloke). Kangaroo Skull and Cale Sexton fly the flag for Temporal Cast, the latter on a calming club collab with Sleep D.

A1. Ewan Jansen – Motif Of A Fish
A2. Fia Fiell – Caju
A3. Cale Sexton, Sleep D – Strait Bass
B1. Roman Nails – Fresh Fruit
B2. Booshank – Bully (Deep Daddy)
B3. Phil Stroud – City Living
C1. Norachi – C376
C2. Miris – Unity Of Opposites
C3. Colours Of Infinity– Frequency Shift
D1. Hotrod – Peppermint Darling
D2. Kangaroo Skull – Black Shore
D3. SENATE – Chambers

Format: 2 x 12-inch vinyl LP
Label: Butter Sessions & Noise In My Head
Catalog: DD02
Released: 2017
Genre: Electronic / House / Techno