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V/A -DJ-Kicks: Forest Swords

V/A -DJ-Kicks: Forest Swords


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!K7 are pleased to announce Forest Swords as the next curator of the ever essential DJ-Kicks series.

Following acclaimed albums on Ninja Tune and Tri Angle, soundtrack and installation work, and remixes of the likes of Bjork, Matthew Barnes aka Forest Swords has curated a 27-track compilation that draws a line between past inspirations and his current peers.

"My favourite nights when I was younger, there wasn't really a focus on etiquette; sticking to genres, perfect transitions – it was all pretty DIY, like having someone cook up their personal mixtape in front of you, just to share music between people"; says Barnes.
"John Peel's eclectic radio show made a huge impact on me growing up, so that kind of personal, instinctive approach to selecting tracks always felt more exciting than something that was sterile and seamless. I wanted to carry some of that spirit into this compilation".

Like much of his own output, Forest Swords’ DJ-Kicks dances around pristine electronics to embrace more organic textures: 80s post punk (Anna Domino, Dead Can Dance), classic 90s British electronica (Orbital, Mira Calix, Disjecta), and smokey digi-dub (Rhythm & Sound), all rub up alongside some of the most forward-facing producers working today (Demdike Stare, Laurel Halo) and avant garde explorers (David Toop, Kara-Lis Coverdale).

The compilation shifts through rhythms and emotions: from pop icon Neneh Cherry's primal thudding to the zombified throb of exclusive Forest Swords track 'Crow', via Deena Abdelwaheed's clattering deconstructions and the outdoor mountain singing of Ánde Somby.

Drawing threads between decades, borders and genres, DJ-Kicks is a collection of tracks that feels as restlessly curious, and crucial, as Barnes' own work. 

A1. The London Bulgarian Choir - Pilentse Pee

A2. Rhythm & Sound w/ Love Joy - Best Friend
A3. Anna Domino - With the Day Comes the Dawn
A4. Neneh Cherry – Blank Project
B1. Forest Swords – Crow (DJ-Kicks Exclusive)
B2. Tokyo Prose & FIS - The Truths
B3. Dead Can Dance - Mesmerism (Remastered)
B4. Baka Forest People Of Southeast Cameron – Eden Liquindi 2
B5. David Toop - Things Just Went Sour Gradually All At Once
C1. Kara-Lis
 Coverdale - Imgs /r
C2. Lutto Lento – Gyal A Devil
C3. Laurel Halo – Throw
C4. Disjecta - Smokehead
D1. Demdike Stare - Mnemosyne
D2. Orbital - The Box (Part 1)
D3. Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon - VII
D4. Vashti Bunyan – Here Before

Format: 2 x 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: !K7
Catalog: K7365LP
Released: May 2018
Genre: Electronic / IDM / Compilations