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V/A – Clay Bodies
V/A – Clay Bodies
V/A – Clay Bodies
V/A – Clay Bodies

V/A – Clay Bodies

Objects & Sounds

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Clay Bodies is a multidimensional project stretching artistic language, form and workflow across digital and continental spheres.

Baal & Mortimer, Cate Kennan, Cucina Povera, and Morita Vargas engaged in an intimate, collaborative process with Camila Apaez of Ila Ceramica. This resulted in four ceramic sculptures being conceptually soundtracked by five musical contributions recorded onto cassette.

As vases howling, the meditative compositions drift between the ghostly and gentle, with a certain porousness and oddly-striking harmony among them. Each has been shaped and defined by dialogue with Camila, and this counts vice versa for the vessels. As their nonlinear dialogues ignited, the artists shared field recordings, sketches and poetry.

The respective sonic and earthly sculptures are informed by a variety of fields, from dance and instrumentalism to bodily movement and the wayward structures our natural world brings forth. Sounds of the ceramics studio were integrated as a core ingredient to each composition, which serves as a red thread throughout Clay Bodies.

This first release comes with a series of cards mapping the process designed by artist and florist Mayken Craenen. All in all, this package exudes care and close listening, channeling their memorable artistries for the archives to come.

A1. Baal & Mortimer Spine
A2. Cucina Povera Valetaan
B1. Cate Kennan Reflections I
B2. Morita Vargas Crater
B3. Cate Kennan Reflections II

Format: Cassette
Label: Objects & Sounds
Catalog: -
Released: 2021
Genre: Electronic / Abstract / Ambient