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V/A – America Dream Reserve
V/A – America Dream Reserve
V/A – America Dream Reserve

V/A – America Dream Reserve

Smiling C

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Welcome to the America Dream Reserve, home to husband & wife duos, pub legends, one-man-bands, preachers’ sons, and country-lounge entertainers...

America Dream Reserve is a place for kindred souls. An hour-long journey into the world of lo-fi drumcomputer folk, disco-pop-lounge, haunting ballads, obscure vanity pressings, and synthesized string ensembles. A collaborative compilation between Charles Bals, creator of the inimitable Club Meduse, and Smiling C.

A1. Micksun – Pagliocca (Sad Clown)
A2. Dunn – Vision
A3. Stan Barber – I Saw The Light In Your Eyes
A4. Bill Welsh – So Very Long
B1. Laura Michele – You Always Hurt The One You Love
B2. Perry & Lisa – Eye Of The Tiger
B3. Marv & Dee – Taking A Chance On Love
B4. Mark & Suzann Farmer – Waiting For The Dawn
C1. Victoria – Bop Solo
C2. Stu Cisco – Night Out
C3. FX – Things Are Not What They Seem
C4. Harley Toberman – Thoughts In Time
C5. Don Armstrong, Victoria Garvey – Japanese Clouds
D1. Dunn – Believe
D2. David Marr – This Time
D3. Ed & Pat Gibson – Ode To Bill-Joe Tucker

Format: 2 x 12-inch Vinyl LP housed in a die-cut leather structure gatefold sleeve
Label: Smiling C
Catalog: SC#10
Released: November 2022 
Genre: Lounge / Disco / Country / Folk