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Trevor – Becoming a Bed

Trevor – Becoming a Bed


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ALTER presents the debut LP release from Melbourne's Trevor, aka graphic artist and Total Control drummer James Vinciguerra. ‘Becoming A Bed’ gathers seven tracks that run the gamut between battered drum-machine beats, minimal-wave, scratchy noise and spoken word. ‘Romp with Monty’ is the album's least demented moment and delightfully evocative of it’s title with simple melodies and rigid drum machine patterns. A sharp contrast to ‘Cabbage Land’s flailing gabber and breaks combination, resembling something akin to Jamal Moss or Beau Wanzer experiencing a severe breakdown of both mind and hardware. These hybrids of erratic, free percussion and wild synth blurts (see also ‘Midi 2’) lend the album a charming edge, favouring a playful kind of experimentation which extends to the album’s calmer moments too. ‘Bedtime Story’ provides one such bit of respite and the only appearance of Vinciguerra’s voice, processed here in a cold, curious monologue that ruminates on lethargy and illness, atop looping dark ambient textures. It's position in the album providing a centrepiece of cavernous and confounding simplicity.

1. Mea Tulpa [02:22]
2. Cabbage Land [04:23]
3. Romp With Monty [04:20]
4. Bedtime Story [03:28]
5. Midi 2 [03:29]
6. Becoming A Trev [09:04]
7. Speed Ave [05:03]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: Alter
Catalog: ALT 48
Released: 2019
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Techno