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Tina - Are U 'Bout It?

Tina - Are U 'Bout It?

NBN Archives

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NBN Archives’ fourth reissue is the debut album by Louisiana R&B singer Tina, "Are U 'Bout It?".

Originally released in 1997/98 on Lynch By Lynch Enterprises, Tina Ashton's first album displays her exceptional vocal talents all over superior productions from the Lynch brothers and truly establishes itself as an underground cult-classic R&B album from the "Dirty South".

Tina Ashton (@thetinaashton) was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, in the early 80’s. She grew up singing at the Church and after trying out with a few high-school girlbands

and performing at local talent-shows, her family encouraged her to pursue a career in singing due to her obvious talent. Tina got hired as a receptionist by Lynch By Lynch studios during the summer of 1996 and when they needed some background vocals for one of the artists they were recording, Tina got her opportunity to record for the first time, and the rest is history.

For the dance-floor, for the ride and for the bedroom, the album contains all the right ingredients of classic mid-90's R&B/Hip-Hop. Uptempo songs such as "Inhale/Exhale" and "Crazy Thang" were made for Radio, but the tracklisting is also filled with infectious Slow Jams such as the single "Are U 'Bout It?" and the contagious "Wiggle It".

The hit-single "Are U.Bout It?", a gentle nod to local superstar Master P, ended up peaking at 73 on the Billboard Top 100 in January 1998, a beautiful accomplishment done through local promotion only and without the help of a video.

Released for the first time on 2LP, limited to 500 copies. Remastered, including insert, exclusive photos and interview which reveals the story behind that iconic "Ughh" sound in Tina’s hit-single "Are U.Bout It?"

A1. Are U.Bout' It? (With Rap) [04:43]
A2. Sweet Thang [04:47]
A3. Wiggle It [04:00]
B1. Inhale My Flow [03:50]
B2. Love Me For Me [03:30]
B3. T.I.N.A. [01:50]
B4. Crazy Thang [03:48]
C1. Roll With Da Flow [04:36]
C2. Dreamin [05:15]
C3. I Want You [03:22]
D1. What's A Girl To Do? [04:25]
D2. Come Git It [04:10]
D3. Are U.Bout' It? (Without Rap) [04:40]

Format: 2x12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: NBN Archives
Released: 2020 Reissue
Genre: R&B / Hip-hop