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The Person – Tide Life

The Person – Tide Life

Growing Bin Records

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After the heaviest of years, Basso invites you to take the weight off with the playful sounds of The Person. Mapping its own Bermuda Triangle between dub-pop, sugary synthwave and Balearic boogie, ‘Tide Life’ transports Compass Point to Soggy Bottom, providing maximum fun, sun and bitmap escapism. The eagle-eared may recognise The Person from the aspirational Italo-rockers Steaming Jeans, whose chalet-ready romp on Bordello A Parigi scored a Winter Olympic gold back in early 2020. Now left to her own devices, Minna Wight swaps the slopes for a jet ski and takes a Wave Race from Summer Bay to Monkey Island across 11 cuts of vintage oddball pop.

Whether she’s borrowing Brenda’s Beach Balls for the dubby daydream of ‘Snail Cafe’ and ‘The Place’, serving lost library cues to SNES club scenes on ‘Barry R Reef’ and ‘Elastic Shoes’ or spinning high school slow jams into synth soul ballads like ‘Nice Feeling’, Minna disguises serious musicianship behind a naive aesthetic. Disarmed by charm, we’re powerless to resist her tidal pull.

(words by Patrick Ryder)


A1. Snail Cafe [02:33]
A2. The Place [04:51]
A3. Nice Feeling [02:19]
A4. Tide Life [04:09]
A5. Barry R Reef [02:45]
A6. Planet Beach [03:39]
B1. Elastic Shoes [03:34]
B2. Current Affair [05:39]
B3. Tigereye [04:09]
B4. Rock Concert [03:11]
B5. Moonee Puddles [01:32]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Growing Bin Records
Catalog: GBR031
Released: 2021
Genre: Synth-pop / Ambient / Atmospheric boogie