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The Eyes 11 - Transgalactic

The Eyes 11 - Transgalactic

The Eyes

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The 21st century is proving to be a time of disruption, of total deconstruction. For its 11th issue, ‘The Eyes’ invited artist-researcher SMITH and performer and curator Nadège Piton to provide an in-depth study on the theme of gender. It sketches a possible panorama of the role played by photography in the construction of (trans) gender, highlighting a constellation of works and publications by trans and/or queer artists who emerged from conversations between the guest editors. It contains authentic and touching testimonies, both visual and written, by artists such as Cassils, Juliana Huxtable, Gabriel García Román, Annie Sprinkle, Shu Lea Cheang, and Sébastian Lifshitz.

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240 pp, Paperback
Published by The Eyes, 2020
17 x 24 cm