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Tala Drum Corps - Parade

Tala Drum Corps - Parade


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Originally hailing from the Dutch eastern border, Utrecht-based producer Tala Drum Corps (real name Tijmen Lohmeijer) provides BAKK six tracks where his love for futurism and nostalgia collides. Coming from an adolescence of modern dance, Lohmeijer continually seeks a sense of bodily movement in his work - an elementary scenic approach that stems from an urge to bring imagination into life. Ditching outer ends where club tracks are often approached too seriously or ironic, this mini-album takes on another route that feels mature while simultaneously oozing a child-like joy.

On Parade, the listener strolls along a shimmering motley landscape.

Slowly slipping away in a crystal vortex via its vocal, ’Clear Fall’ shows the art of juxtaposition when its panning drums propel the track straight against its own gravity. Setting the tone for exploration, ’Refraction-S’ provide calm pace with its crisp gridlocked snares and melodic sonar pulses. Continuing a path of hypnotism, the album takes a deep plunge with ‘Lake Technium’ - whose rolling acid line hints to the essence of rave without obvious tendencies. On the flip side, ‘Frog Marches’ recalls emotions strongly akin to the LP opener, but walking a darker introvert thread. Spacious drum programming flutters around a haunting ambience on ’Sp00n’ - showcasing Lohmeijer’s ability to create intricate ear-worm structures. The producer offers an energetic closure with the break-inspired club tool ‘Modernity (Poisoned)’.

All in all, Parade makes up a multifaceted play that appreciates sonic aesthetics of the recent past but re-appropriates those in a daring and dreamy context.

A1. Clear Fall
A2. Refraction-S
A3. Lake Technium
B1. Frog Marches
B2. Sp00n
B3. Modernity (Poisoned)

Format: 12-inch Vinyl Mini-LP
Label: BAKK
Catalog: BAKK014
Released: May 2019
Genre: Electronic / Leftfield Club