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Suzanne Kraft – Talk From Home

Suzanne Kraft – Talk From Home

Melody As Truth

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Melody As Truth returns with a much needed repress of "Talk From Home" - the 2015 masterpiece from Los Angeles native Suzanne Kraft. "Talk From Home" showcases Kraft's emotional depth as a producer, and skill as a multi-instrumentalist. Recorded over a few weeks in the winter of 2014, the intimacy of the recordings shines through in a melancholic yet hopeful world of melody and tone.

A1. Two Chord Wake [04:59]
A2. Never Heated [05:51]
A3. Flatiron [07:00]
B1. Renee Sleeping [04:10]
B2. Talk From Home [03:58]
B3. Male Intuition [03:50]
B4. The Result [07:36]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Melody As Truth
Catalog: MAT3
Released: 2015 (2021 repress)
Genre: Electronic / Ambient