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Sudan Archives - Sink

Sudan Archives - Sink

Stones Throw

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Sudan grew up in Ohio where she taught herself to play the violin in elementary school, mostly by ear. After moving to Los Angeles she began to explore her connection to Northeast Africa. Upon discovering the violin playing style of both Northeast and West African fiddlers and musicians like Asim Gorashi, Ali Farka Touré and Juldeh Camarah, her eyes opened to new ways of incorporating this instrument into her sound. "The way they played the violin was different from classical music. I resonated with their style, and I was like, maybe I can blend it with electronic music." Sink is a further distillation and exploration of this distinctive mélange of disparate influences.

Sink is Sudan Archives' second statement for Stones Throw.

1. Sink 
2. Nont For Sale 
3. Pay Attention
4. Mind Control 
5. Beautiful Mistake  
6. Escape

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Stones Throw
Catalog: STH2399
Released: May 2018
Genre: RNB / Soul