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Strange Plants III
Strange Plants III
Strange Plants III
Strange Plants III

Strange Plants III


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Strange Plants III: The third instalment in the ever-popular and award-winning series of books to celebrate plants in contemporary art. The 164-page edition features the work of 50 artists and includes large-scale paintings of overgrown cactus gardens; filmic and otherworldly photos of water lilies; glitchy textiles of roses sourced from social media; and so much more.

Themes include pollination, petals, and regrowth, and the book gives special focus to several artists, including Othelo Gervacio, Megan Marrin, Margo Wolowiec, Synchrodogs, and David Axelbank. At once surreal and erotic, abstract and real, it continues a dialogue about how we perceive nature and art as a tool for interpreting and questioning our surroundings.

Available now in very limited numbers - be quick or be left wanting.

164 pp, Hardcover
Published by Zioxla, 2018
15 x 22 cm