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Sly Hats – Liquorice Night

Sly Hats – Liquorice Night

Nervous Jerk

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Dead stock from 2007! Sly Hats was the first solo outing for Crayon Fields mastermind Geoffrey O'Connor. A diverse musical landscape of sparse calypso balladry, woody lounge percussion and densely layered baroque pop. These 4-track recordings are enriched by classic production techniques, makeshift percussion and a simmering orchestra of antique organs and strings. For fans of Gal Costa, Plush and The Zombies.

1 Liqourice Night
2 Windy Harmony
3 Bleached
4 Lip
5 Terrified
6 Vampire Sips
7 Someone To Dress
8 Will You?
9 Ghost Fingers
10 Kill The Lights
11 Tissue Whisper

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Nervous Jerk
Catalog: JERK003
Released: 2007
Genre: Alternative / Lo-fi / Indie Pop