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Slowglide - Reigi / Haipa

Slowglide - Reigi / Haipa


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The 12” you’re about to read a few lines about is a laconic introduction to the music of an elusive new musician on Antinote. Biographical details about him would probably not help comprehend his music and might even seem slightly contradictory with the music itself, as Reigi / Haipa has been produced in Reims – at least, it would have been much more accommodating if the capital of Champagne was located somewhere in-between Sheffield and London... 

Indeed, at first listen, Slowglide’s music seems deeply rooted in a very British history of dance music. Reigi, on the A-side, unfolds a cavernous syncopated kick on which relies a compressed, flangered, smart but somehow handcrafted sound with an extra Kraftwerkian treatment (the obsessive robotic “arigatō gozaimasu” and the “pocket calculator” bleeping melodic line), enlightened by discreet synth waves appearing in the middle of the track. 

Haipa, the atmospheric B-side, is an even stronger throwback to a time when Intelligent Dance Music was ruling over electronic music, the likes of Aphex Twin and his fellow Warp-affiliates were about to be crowned kings and Ghost In The Shell was establishing itself as one of the most culturally significant pictures of the late past century. 

Slowglide’s music is not backward-looking, though. There’s something that relevantly resonates with today’s diffracted musical landscape, as the French producer gathers and updates bits and pieces from a thirty-and- something yearlong history of electronic dance music. The result is probably “Bass Music”, something that one might have been tempted to describe as “the future of Dance Music” a few decades ago – to quote these prophetic words written many times. It’s probably not, but these two songs are certainly fresh and futuristic. 

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Antinote
Catalog: ATN 041
Released: April 2018
Genre: Techno / Elelctro