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Slim Media Player - Quicksand

Slim Media Player - Quicksand

Pacific Rhythm

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Slim Media Player returns to Pacific Rhythm with a wonderfully original EP, Quicksand, his first new material since 2016’s Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 3. The EP is the product of Slim Media Player & DJ D.DEE culling through 20+ hours of live jams recorded in Vancouver at Deep Blue Studios from 2016 to 2018. 

The EP opens with the records namesake Quicksand, a playful piece of peak-time material that’s quirky, uplifting, and dare we say a touch heart-warming. Mouthfeel comes through swinging but plays a touch more coy than the opener, serving as an effective tension-builder on the dancefloor that builds into a thoughtful groover with some light at the end of tunnel. 

On the b-side S.M.P explores deeper territory with Memory Bias (Nostalgia Mix), an aquatic roller blanketed with warmth and a contemplative aire that stretches for nearly 9 minutes. The EP fades out with the gentle drift of Tschüs, a warm swaddle that will quell your anxieties and affirm that there are indeed some things that are right in this world, this track being one of them.

1. Quicksand 
2. Mouthfeel 
3. Memory Bias (Nostalgia) 
4. Tchüs

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Pacific Rhythm
Catalog: PR005
Released: December 2018
Genre: House / Atmospheric / Lo-fi