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Sjunne Ferger's Exit - Childrens Mind

Sjunne Ferger's Exit - Childrens Mind

Strangelove Music

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From his ‘FAT’ Studio near the central Swedish town of Örebro, Sjunne Ferger crafted a small but radical legacy of genre bending music. With an open minded ‘anything goes’ attitude born from his jazz roots, compiled here are songs charting a transition from fusion beginnings via his debut 7” with group ‘Exit’ through to a more blissful synthetic sound palette. Across the album’s 7 songs Sjunne’s heady musical optimism aspired to an aesthetic that moved freely between drum machines & synths to more organic instrumentation with rich arrangements never losing sight of a light ethereal feel.

Hypnotic ambient pieces written for short film swirl amongst the electronic/electrified- unreleased versions of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Candlelight’ allude to his Mindgames LP to come, while the album culminates in the highlights ‘Night Rituale’ and ‘Childrens Mind’ -Intoxicating amalgalms of Sjunne’s influences & inspiration, they unknowingly hint at Mkwaju Ensemble and other key Japanese contemporaries and bear witness to the Swede’s deep Eastern philosophical outlook. Retaining his own unique sound throughout, ‘Childrens Mind’ is a primer for Sjunne Ferger’s ‘Mindgames’ LP reissued on Strangelove later in 2021.

1. Awakening [06:38]
2. Romance [02:35]
3. Night Rituale [06:20]
4. Beginners Mind [06:56]
5. Childrens Mind [03:39]
6. Destiny (Alt.) [02:22]
7. Candlelight (Alt.) [02:53]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Strangelove Music
Catalog: SL106
Released: 2021
Genre: New Age / New Wave / Balearic