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Satari - "2 Hits"

Satari - "2 Hits"

La Casa Tropical

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Synth heavy South African Disco Boogie from the Mid 80s. First issued near the end of the synth-pop era that gave boom to the local record industry, this release takes the B-sides off the mysterious group’s first 2 singles recorded at Johannesburg’s legendary Satbel and Ovation Studio. Combining live instruments with a full embrace of the electronic gear that was already standard in all studios city wide, the newly formed supergroup was able to create a unique sound at a time the word "Disco” was starting to be associated with a different emerging movement altogether.

Initially a side project for the group Image (later changing their name to Ymage to avoid confusion after some success in Europe), the new outfit re-enlisted the help of their original producer and long time friend Sidwell Duda, followed with the addition of novice artist and songwriter Bibi Msomi . Their first release was a new take on a song they had recorded for their hit EP which became their first record to see a run outside their home country. Snuck on the B side was a steady 4/4 beat with fat bass synth and the quick funky keyboard licks Don Laka was known for.

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: La Casa Tropical
Catalog: LCT 001
Released: March 2018
Genre: Disco / Boogie