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Sandoz - Sandoz

Sandoz - Sandoz

Second Circle

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The fifteenth release on Second Circle sees the label’s first exploration into an artists archival works; this time bringing together a selection of four early tracks by the seminal English musician Richard H. Kirk under his Sandoz moniker.

As founding member and driving force of pioneering Industrial band Cabaret Voltaire, Richard H. Kirk began his solo project Sandoz in 1992, evolving out of and running in parallel to Cabaret Voltaire’s evolution in sound from innovators of Industrial and post punk electronics towards pioneering works within Techno and House.

Taking the name from Sandoz Laboraties, a pharmaceutical company best known for inventing LSD in 1938, Kirk’s somewhat lesser known solo project evolved out of Cabs’ fascination and own development of Acid House and Rave culture, whilst leaning more heavily on Jamaican Reggae and Dub influences.

Presenting a selection of four mind-bending tracks, originally released between 1992-1993 on his very own Sheffield-based Intone label, SC015 further reveals Richard H. Kirk’s unique and visionary voice within electronic music.

A1. Human Spirit
A2. Beam
B1. Chocolate Machine
B2. Steel Tabernacle

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Second Circle
Catalog: SC015
Released: February 2020
Genre: House / Dub / Electronic