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Ruins - Occasional Visits

Ruins - Occasional Visits

Stroom TV

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Alessandro: “No one can tell for sure that a sound of love actually exists, but love and any other emotion can be reverberated by some musical colors always capable to make emotions resounding here and there during a song, ten songs, a thousand ones...” 

The second to last decade of the 20th century was flourishing in its full glory with uncompromising decisions and emergence of new genres to experiment with. Several years before the boom of the 80s is when Alessandro Pizzin got involved with the creation of RUINS and was later joined by Piergiuseppe Ciranna in the fluctuating group constitution. After several alterations in the group it didn’t take long until their duo came together in an attempt to make the first wave twist towards experimenting with electronic sounds. In the frame of the birthtime of many new branches of musical subdivision, the artists fused their intentions and virtuosity to base the centerpiece of their prospective electro sound. 

Piergiuseppe: “A characteristic of our music has always been that of moving transversely: from intense emotions to whimsical visions” 

In a musical conversation between Piergiuseppe and Alessandro, the productions resulted in a relentless manifestation of a variety of contrasting musical colors. Springing from beneath sinister notes and arpeggiating chords to groundless joy and quirky noises. All of it encompassing the perpetual movement and shift of feelings and positions. Obscurity reflecting the anecdotal nature of life. 

Alessandro: “I think that we both were keen on listening to all kinds of music, therefore our sound was the result of all these different listenings and concepts blended with new technology products and equipments we were used to experimenting with” 

The ranging melodic palette within the compositions, is riddled with external influences manifested in the web of atmospheric scales. Mirroring a plethora of emotions, even though produced quite the while ago, this collection of compositions will undeniably have something to resonate with and object to. Conflicting love, uninhibited anger, driving passion, young maximalism, childlike cynicism. The joy of human existence is inescapably accompanied by utter suffering, taking turns between each other. 

Piergiuseppe: “Artistic works, and even songs, should be by definition ineffable, giving suggestions that everyone must then frame and interpret even according to their own experience…” 

The path into the light seems dark, the road forward seems to go back. The greatest love seems indifferent, the greatest wisdom seems childish. Each is up to their own interpretation of the songs assembled in this Valentine’s Day speciality. The contradictions perfectly balancing each other out will not leave anyone indifferent. After all, there would be no love without hate.

1. Elegant Shout 03:06
2. Alone 03:08
3. You're Like a Cigarette 04:07
4. Skeleton In Love 03:10
5. Fit Of Nerves 04:16
6. Boys and Girls 05:10
7. Everybody Knows Me 05:34
8. It's Not Too Grand 05:16

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Stroom TV
Catalog: STREP-023
Released: February 2019
Genre: Electro / New Wave / Synth Pop