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Palmbomen II – Make A Film

Palmbomen II – Make A Film

World Of Paint

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Palmbomen II's new album 'Make A Film' can be viewed as a faux crash course in film making plus the soundtrack to score your first movie. This beautiful double vinyl album comes with an extended step-by-step course on writing, directing and shooting your first film. To make it easy, Palmbomen II included twenty four tracks that set the right mood for different scenes, from "Medium Melancholy" to "Slightly Dark". Everybody could 'Make A Film'.

A1. Hopeful 01 [02:29]
A2. Hopeful 02 [04:12]
A3. Positive Steel Drum [02:12]
A4. Wisdom [01:02]
A5. Metr [03:03]
A6. Confusion Final [03:21]
B1. Sad Piece [03:34]
B2. Slightly Dark [01:54]
B3. Melancholy 02 [01:33]
B4. In Your Mind [02:24]
B5. Ritual 01 [01:52]
B6. Melancholy 06 [02:15]
C1. In Trance [02:49]
C2. Slightly Dark 02 [03:02]
C3. Delusional [02:36]
C4. Positive Sketch 02 [04:16]
C5. Content Final [02:28]
C6. Majestic Piece [02:21]
D1. Positive Sketch 03 [02:48]
D2. Meditate [03:14]
D3. Medium Melancholy [02:44]
D4. More Happy [02:31]
D5. Bird Effects [01:27]
D6. Posivite Bell [03:17]

Format: 2 x 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: World Of Paint
Catalog: WOP004
Released: October 2021
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Acid House / Soundscape