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Pablo's Eye - Spring Break

Pablo's Eye - Spring Break

Stroom TV

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Pablo’s Eye is the science of studio pressure, when engineer becomes artist. Appropriating left and right as well as front and back, Pablo’s Eye uses the mixing desk to examine and exhaust the possibilities of moments. Pablo’s Eye is a record of that examination and exhaustion, but it is also a record of its own inner space. By means of depth placement, psychoacoustics and spatial fug, Pablo’s Eye is experienced in the deeper reaches of the body, bypassing the conscious part of the mind entirely. 

Pablo’s Eye is the turning of recorded music inside out to show its seams. It interrogates a song, stripping down the body of the song to reveal its bones. Pablo’s Eye is in the interstices of music, it plugs the gaps, fills the holes. Pablo’s Eye seeks out the concealed mechanisms, it is a song’s hidden agenda. 

For this compilation, it was decided to present the softer air-beatings of Pablo’s Eye. More than anything, Pablo’s Eye is a temporary atmosphere, like a taste or a dream...

1. Blind and quiet
2. Double Language
3. La Pedrera
4. That Night Together With Her
5. Otis (Rumours Of Rain)
6. El Barrio Gotico
7. Amb 7
8. A Long Standing Dream

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Stroom TV
Catalog: STRLP 012
Released: April 2018
Genre: Wave / Pop / Downtempo