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Niela Miller - Songs of Leaving

Niela Miller - Songs of Leaving


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Culled from a warped acetate cut at Variety Recording Service in 1962, Songs Of Leaving is the complete songbook of New York folkie Niela Miller. Something of a Bleeker & MacDougal scenester, Miller picked up the guitar after an encounter with Eric Weissberg, lent her Martin to Pete Seeger, and even had Dave Van Ronk cover “Mean World Blues.” Her real claim to fame, however, is in writing “Baby Don’t Go To Town,” a song that boyfriend Billy Roberts would steal and “rewrite” as “Hey Joe.” You’ve heard Hendrix, Love, the Byrds, the Creation, Wilson Pickett, and a hundred others do it....Now hear the original, for the very first time. 

“It’s refreshing to see another talented woman saved from mere rock-trivia status. The album conjures dual sensations of regret and injustice.” – Dusted

"This album was transferred from a one-of-a-kind acetate Niela Miller cut at Variety Recording Service in 1962. When Numero got to it in 2008 it was badly damaged, full of skips, crackle, and a noticeable warp. We've done our best to repair these sonic imperfections without compromising the dynamic range of the recording, but the album is by no means perfect. We hope you can enjoy these recordings nonetheless".


1. Down Hearted Man 02:00
2. Baby Don't Go Downtown 01:50
3. Too Long Blues 02:57
4. You Gotta Know How To Love 01:39
5. Daddy Went to Jail 02:38
6. Hushabye Blues 01:53
7. Mean World 02:51
8. Goodbye New York 01:15
9. The World Ain't Ready 04:06
10. Jenny Gal 02:19

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Numerophon
Catalog: 4401
Released: 2009
Genre: Country Blues