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Nathan Micay - Blue Spring

Nathan Micay - Blue Spring


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In 2016 Nathan Micay released Capsule’s Pride: a mixtape in tribute to Akira. The release was premiered with NPR First Listen and downloaded over 40 thousand times. Coveted by fans and supported by a wide range of music press, the record won many best of year awards. The following year, streetwear giant Supreme created an official Akira capsule collection that echoed the design of our release. Capsule’s Pride vinyl bootlegs have become sought after records with discogs collectors. 

Three years later and Nathan has released a string of renowned dance releases for a range of great labels. He returns to LuckyMe for his debut album. Four tracks from the forthcoming Blue Spring have become viral videos on the private facebook group IOM (Identification Of Music). The group exists for young fans of new dance music to share videos of their favourite DJs playing out big records at clubs or festivals. The album was sent to a select handful of DJs in 2018 and without any public track IDs, the uncredited clips of this record have risen to over a million plays with thousands of comments speculating the names of the songs. We continue to share clips from Nathan’s friends playing out the release to close DJ sets every weekend in front of large audiences. 

1. Romance Dawn For The Cyber World 05:00
2. Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less 05:08
3. Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain 05:38
4. He Has The Key 05:15
5. Blue Spring 04:14
6. 11.11.90 (Beat Version) 04:07
7. Moon Scepter Elimination 05:14
8. LeafCutAngelicDepths 02:41
9. The Party We Could Have 07:08
10. May All Your Bacon Burn 03:59
11. Romance Dawn For The New World 04:57

Format: 2 x 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: LuckyMe
Catalog: LM058LP
Released: May 2019
Genre: Progressive / House / IDM