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Nathan Melja - Karibuni Music

Nathan Melja - Karibuni Music


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It’s easy to fall for a nostalgic approach to dance music, to cuddle oneself in the warm analogue sounds of late 1980’s dance productions – especially with the heavy ongoing reissue trend going on. However, we have to stay focus: look out for contemporary sounds and means of production. Parisian producer Nathan Melja makes his debut on Antinote with an idiosyncratic three-tracker and our guess is that it sounds contemporary. 

On the A-side: one tune: Deadrums. Both the name and the music speak for themselves. It’s hard, it’s efficient and at the same time, there’s quite a lot going on, tiny bumps on the straightforward road to techno ecstasy. Nevertheless, Deadrums is a precise piece of machinery, an atmospheric banger, yes, but with deadly jaws made out of tempered steel to tear a dancefloor apart, piece-by-piece. On the B-side, Angels stands out as a perfect example of a song that has many dancefloor qualities but, like some of DJ Sprinkles’ seminal recordings, turns out to be more of a late-night tale of urban wanderings on wet pavements (think Taxi Driver and its soundtrack by Bernard Hermann). Contemplative, melancholic and – let’s say it – sad, its nagging melody can bring a little tear to the eyes of the most sensitive ones. Rounding up the 12” is Candy, a tune under the influence of bad boys like DJ Overdose, or Ghettotech legend DJ Assault – so that you can dry your tears. 

It’s Nathan Melja’s first release on Antinote, but he’s definitely not a newcomer. He’s been around since Antinote exists, and we’re glad to finally collaborate with him.  

1. Deadrums 05:51
2. Angels 06:13
3. Candy 04:52

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Antinote
Catalog: ATN047
Released: April 2019
Genre: Techno / Electro / House