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MJ Lallo - Star Child

MJ Lallo - Star Child

Seance Centre

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MJ Lallo sings to trees and distant planets, plays drum machines, synthesizers and processes her voice to sound like percussion, space ships, trumpets, birds and words from an unknown language. Lallo works in post-production music and SFX, and founded her own company MJ Productions in 1983. Although she has been creating music for films and other projects for over forty years, she only released one Hi-NRG 12” under a pseudonym, a small-run cassette in the late 80s and a CD in the early 2000s. Séance Centre is exploring Lallo’s unique and fascinating body of work with this maxi 12” and a forthcoming 2LP compilation.

The Star Child 12” focuses on Lallo’s love of movement in body and mind. Star Child Going Home is a late-night FM boogie transmission, a soaring wordless ode to an interstellar visitor departing. The song conveys a complex synthetic love beyond the realm of language, using voice, Juno 106 and deft LinnDrum programming. Aquarius Bluemoves languidly, a sun-soaked Californian cosmic cruiser. Lallo’s voice swims and plays in waves of synth and drum-current, like sun-rays across the sea at magic hour. Filling the entire B-side of the 12” is Deep Dreams, an epic entrancing meditation for synth, drums and voice. A journey and transference of the mind from verbal consciousness to pre-lingual dream-state. Remastered and pressed loud at 45rpm.

1. Starchild Going Home
2. Aquarius Blue
3. Deep Dreams

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Séance Centre
Catalog: 04SC
Released: 2017
Genre: Electronic / Boogie / Funk / Downtempo