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Metric Systems - People in the Dark

Metric Systems - People in the Dark

Best Effort

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Metric Systems is the name of a covert project of over 20 years duration. It has moved across multiple continents, under multiple names. The 8 songs that make up ‘People in the Dark’ were recorded between 2000 and 2016 in various locations across Sydney, Melbourne and New York. The bright-eyed sci-fi fascination of Australia’s Clan Analogue collective intertwines with the more sinister facets of modern technology - echoed voices pepper the album like fragments of a surveillance tape collected by our digital panopticon. A pervasive sense of paranoia and unease winds its way through these 8 tracks that move between techno, downtempo and more abstract strains of electroacoustic experimentation.

All songs written and produced by Kate Crawford and Bo Daley.

A1. Your Room (4:56)
A2: Everything Was Different (4:48)
A3: Chinatown Warehouse (5:37)
A4: The Territory (3:37)
B1: Laika (6:00)
B2: Angela on the Balcony (5:45)
B3: Stellarwind (5:45)
B4: Icecap (2:59)

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Best Effort 
Catalog: BE002
Released: Jan 2019
Genre: Electronic / Dub-techno