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Maryn E. Coote - Welcome To My World

Maryn E. Coote - Welcome To My World


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Some songs old, some songs new, but always ahead of her time.
Written, Produced and Arranged by Maryn E. Coote mostly at her home studio in Sweden. Several of these songs came to her after the passing of her son Uku Kuut in October 2017.

"I really felt that Uku led me to this music and what to play.. It happened straight when I got back home from his funeral" -Maryn.  

"LTA Fusion" featured on this album was one of their last co-writes. Maryn took what foundation her son played, and finished the song with him here. 

1. Welcome To My World (Live 2007)
2. Night Ya (Feat. Miuhuru)
3. Still Talking To My Lil' Boy Uku
4. Missing A Lot The Way We Talked
5. experimental_LTA_fusion_sauce_outtarules (withoutCHvoc_2018Demo
6. The Day Will Come ('95)
7. We Will Work It Out (feat. Uku Kuut)
8. one_ch_of_fun_91.spring
9. Pori Jazz ('83)
10. 5th Moon
11. Last_part_of"L-L82."_demo w.Uku's moog solo
12. There I Go ('95)

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: PPU
Catalog: PPU-094
Released: December 2018
Genre: Funk / Soul / Boogie