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Mameen 3 - Incunabula EP

Mameen 3 - Incunabula EP

Planet Trip Records

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PT004 sees a Belgium via Morocco friendship and studio collaboration Mameen 3 take the reigns for Planet Trips fourth physical release. A group made up of much loved and respected DJ, digger and curator of the always on point Elsewhere comps soFa, connecting with innovative producer Reda Senhaji aka Cheb Runner, whose refreshing approach tips the no boundaries no borders sound only few can uniquely pull off.

The Incunabula EP spotlights 4 club focused jams from the groups recent heavy output, channelling influences from their diverse tastes and effortlessly marrying hypnotic percussion, Middle Eastern rhythms and machine funk psychedelia into their very own style no style.

1. Ohrwurm Boogie 05:58 
2. Salsa Del Jeque 05:00 
3. Against The Wall 05:14
4. Afrocordeon 04:30

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Planet Trip Records
Catalog: PT004
Released: August 2020 
Genre: Outernational / Boogie / Electronic