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Low Flung - Dribble

Low Flung - Dribble

Butter Sessions

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Low Flung presents a new four tracker rich with dreamy soundscapes, emerging bass adventures and subtly dub leaning drum machine rhythms. As the head of the impeccably curated Moontown Records, Low Flung aka Danny Wild has been a driving force in uncovering and releasing amazing Australian recordings since 2012. As a producer and artist Wild is extremely accomplished, releasing a stack of EPs and just recently his debut LP 'Blow Waves' on Ken Oath Records. You may also remember his contribution to the first volume of the Domestic Documents compilation 'Quietreakin Outly' 

On the A side we are treated to two long form cuts 'Deep Dribble' and 'Shallow Sleep'. The former is a beautiful leftfield digi-dub amalgamation. A heavy hitting bassline emerges from the misty textures before a killer rhythm appears. On 'Shallow Sleep' we indulge in over 12 minutes of brain tingling ambience, rich with field recordings and textures. The B side looks to the quirkier side of Wild's productions. On 'Exotic Dirt (Blend 43 Dub)' and 'Air Dry' off kilter rhythms and zonked out skanking synth chords take full charge while maintaining a sense of warmth 

Sit back or stand up, day or night, different moods for all open minds in this stunning EP from one of Australia's unsung heroes!

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Butter Sessions
Catalog: BSR019
Released: September 2018
Genre: Digidub / Atmospheric