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Le Choc Stars Du Zaire - Nakombe Nga

Le Choc Stars Du Zaire - Nakombe Nga

Rush Hour Music

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The music on this winning double-sider was written by Tony Baron and Gery François, two Belgian producers that were involved in several musical projects on the New Beat scene in the 1980s. They worked under many aliases and recorded the Teknokrat’s haunting “What Did She Say?” at the famous Studio Madeleine in Brussels in 1989. Prompted by Jean Martin from Espera Records, Baron adapted the music into a further two songs to be released that year, Virginity’s melancholic “The Key”, and the surprising but ear catching collaboration with the label’s soukous stars, Ben Nyamabo’s Les Choc Stars Du Zaire. It is still a mystery how the seeds were planted for the one-off pairing that culminated in the electronic soukous bomb “Nakombe Nga”. What is certain is that it is set to light up dancefloors worldwide.

1. Les Choc Stars du Zaire - Nakombe Nga 
2. Teknokrat's - What Did She Say? 

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: Rush Hour Music
Catalog: RH RSS 25
Released: November 2018
Genre: New Beat / Electronic / Disco