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LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) - EP1

LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) - EP1

Super Sonic Jazz

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“Recording as Likwid Continual Space Motion, IG Culture’s latest afrofuturist, and broken beat venture is the score to a new sci-fi theatre production, made with the support of SummerDance Forever Amsterdam. Releasing on KC the Funkaholic’s latest jazz imprint, Earthbound’s music delicately travels the spaceways with alternating percussions sessions, Sun-Ra like piano lines, and otherworldly synth sessions.”

Iconic within the Broken Beat jazz movement, IG Culture delves into afro-futurist, nu-jazz territory that helps bridge the gap between inner-city London, the streets of Amsterdam, and distant outer space. Recording under the pseudonym Likwid Continual Space Motion, the UK producer’s debut on Amsterdam’s Paradiso jazz imprint Super Sonic Jazz is the soundtrack to Earthbound, a new science-fiction theatre production, that comes alive with the interstellar sounds of instrumental funk, soul, and space-age jazz.

Produced in cooperation with SummerDance Forever Amsterdam, Earthbound is a journey into intergalactic live jazz fusion, that sees IG Culture team up members from the London artist collective Steam Down, Alex Phountzi of Selectors Assemble (see Bugz In The Attic), and Rhythm Section’s Neue Grafik. The resulting collage is a melange of live sax, alternating percussions sessions, Sun-Ra like piano lines, and otherworldly synth sessions. The EP’s music delicately travels the spaceways, ultimately conveying the messaging behind Earthbound, a story based on the work of author Zecharia Sitchin, in which the ancient people of Nibiru return to Earth to discover the people they had once passed down knowledge to, are now living in a world of chaos.

IG Culture is one of the most important protagonists in catalyst of the UK’s broken beat jazz scene, which he refers to as 'London Bruk Boogie'. Having set up the legendary CoOp night at Plastic People and now the man behind CoOp Presents and Selectors Assemble, IG Culture is no stranger to Super Sonic Jazz, having released an homage to Sun Ra on Kees Heus' first imprint, Kindred Spirits back in 2003. With three decades worth of production nuance, Earthbound is the next challenge in the producer’s legacy, an idea that was spurned on once again by the Paradiso DJ KC the Funkaholic.

1. Earthbound 05:48
2. Frequency 05:36
3. Let Me 05:09
4. The Box 05:30

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Super Sonic Jazz
Catalog: SSJ 06
Released: September 2019
Genre: Broken Beat / Jazz / Abstract