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Jules Venturini - WHITIES 014

Jules Venturini - WHITIES 014


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Making his debut on the mighty Whities label is Jules Venturini, a Londoner who, via stints working at Record Loft in Berlin and various stores across London, has established himself amongst record heads as a go to guy for exceptional and rare music.
He has previously released on burgeoning Polish label Brutaz, as well on two white labels under his 'Catch' alias.

A trio of neo-classical thumpers, bizarre as they are beautiful.

1. Flying Kites
2. Keep Me Close
3. Trace of Smoke 

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: AD93 (ex Whities)
Catalog: WHYT014
Released: 2018
Genre: 'Neo-classical thumpers' works right?