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Jon Iverson – Many Worlds Interpretation

Jon Iverson – Many Worlds Interpretation

Séance Centre

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Many Worlds Interpretation is a collection of cosmic Americana for electronics, guitar, and percussion culled from Jon Iverson’s extensive home-studio archive.

1984, Los Osos, California. In a small cinderblock cottage, hand-painted with bright psychedelic flora, Jon Iverson created vibrant new worlds. He spent long days and nights immersed in sound, perfecting home recording on his 8-track reel-to-reel, combining his love for kosmische and Berlin School electronics with an infatuation with ethnographic sounds and expansive guitar music. In a duo with fellow sonic traveler Thomas Walters, Iverson released missives from the studio on a self-titled LP released on country legend Guthrie Thomas’ Eagle Records. That release featured three electro-acoustic compositions (“Naningo”, “River Fen”, and “Fox Tales”) as well as a gathering of guitar duo tapestries. Many Worlds Interpretation re-imagines those interplanetary works alongside several unreleased compositions that also feature synthesizer, guitar, and percussion, creating a re-visioned album which leans into Iverson’s electronic studio wizardry.  

All songs have been carefully transferred from analog tape to high resolution digital, retaining their vintage studio warmth, but mixed and mastered for modern ears and audio systems. The album is pressed at 45rpm, further enhancing the audiophile experience.

1. Danaus [03:08]
2. Neo Gets Wise [02:10]
3. Fox Tales [05:13]
4. Sands of Tycho [04:35]
5. Naningo [05:47]
6. Nyx and the Night Owl [03:53]
7. River Fen [06:05]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Séance Centre
Catalog: 34SC
Released: 2022
Genre: New Age / Balearic / Downtempo / Kosmische