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James Bernard / Influx - Reminiscence

James Bernard / Influx - Reminiscence

Hybride Sentimento

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Arriving at a time when James was primarily producing Trance and Acid under his Influx or Cybertrax aliases on Rising High Records, these compositions came to life when James felt most vulnerable and his style most malleable. Hanging at the time with forming New-York Rave crew (Frankie Bones, DJ Micro, Caffeine, Adam X...), his early demo tapes ended up in the hands of Lenny Dee (Industrial Strengh), they eventually found their way to Caspar's right hand man Pypee, running Sapho (Rising High sublabel). In 1993, James' alias and most punchy music was released as Influx. This record incl. selected tracks from the album 'Unique' (1994) alonside '2001', part of his 1st EP 'Od'.

To make a clear link between all different explorations, adding one track from his 1st album as James Bernard was obvious, and that's why 'Lost In It' became part of this 12". This is a longly awaited (re)apparition for that track, as 'Atmospherics' elevated with time, to the range of 'cult' album in ambient/electronica fields. This record has the aim to cultivate our taste for atmospherical elements, freezing up the thermostat in order to temperate your environment; inviting your mind to a lunar state where dreamy and danceable aspects could come disturb your occasional nocturnal ballads. An addictive release pressed in 300 copies. Remastered for your highest pleasure. 

A1.  2001 [04:57]
A2.  Lost In It [09:58]
B1.  Love Song [05:02]
B2.  The Future [05:20]
B3.  VS128 [06:13]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl
Label: Hybride Sentimento
Catalog: HYB.004
Released: August 2021
Genre: Ambient / Techno / Acid