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I Fuck With Turrell - Ne Travaillez Jamais
I Fuck With Turrell - Ne Travaillez Jamais
I Fuck With Turrell - Ne Travaillez Jamais
I Fuck With Turrell - Ne Travaillez Jamais

I Fuck With Turrell - Ne Travaillez Jamais

Kodoji Press

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James Turrell’'s light installations are renowned world-wide; the rapper Drake even imitated Turrell’'s work in his music video Hotline Bling. Many people know of Turrell, many more know Drake’'s music. “"I fuck with Turrell”" said Drake when asked about his inspiration. In 2011 an art department opened at the BBB vocational school in Baden, Switzerland, alongside courses on car mechanics, hairdressing, catering and construction. The school’s percentage for art budget was used to bring artists into the school to produce work and to instigate a dialogue about the nature of work, be that ‘creative’ or otherwise.

While ‘I Fuck With Turrell , Ne Travaillez Jamais’ is a document of the first phase of the BBB art depart-ment project, it is much more a visual meditation on how art infiltrates our lives. Across 200 pages connections are drawn between art and the everyday: advertisements and the aesthetics they share; a historic photograph and an art action that recreated it; extraordinary performances beside advanced tech-nology; Sheryl Sandberg meets the painter and forger Wolfgang Beltracchi. Art is inspiration for pop culture and for consumer goods, while the systems and stuff of daily life inspire artists. Interspersed between the pictures are numerous short statements, from art-ists, teachers and students. Some are famous quotations, some relate to the specific experience of art at the BBB school. The work of this publication is to undo art’s special status and instead to show it as a part of life, like work and leisure. To overcome the accepted outsider role of art and offer truly creative thinking as a tool for everyone.

Nadja Baldini is an art historian who lives and works as a freelance curator in Zurich. She has co-founded several independent art spaces and was responsible for the establishment of the art department at the BBB Vocational School from 2011 to 2015.
Ivan Sterzinger studied psychology, media and art history at the University of Zurich. He founded the graphics studio Huber/Sterzinger with Gregor Huber in 2006. Martin Andereggen lives and works in Zurich. He studied graphic design at the ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2011 he has run Atlas Studio with Claudio Gasser and Jonas Wandeler.

292 pp, Paperback
Published by Kodoji Press, 2018
12 x 17cm