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Henri Salvador - Homme Studio

Henri Salvador - Homme Studio

Born Bad Records

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A pop star who turned his back to show business to become an independent artist, steered by the revolutionary ideas of his wife Jacqueline in 1960’s France; these are the outlines of Henri Salvador’s unusual musical career. It made him into a star then led him to entirely dissociate from the record industry, preferring to make music in his living room with his guitars. At 50, Salvador starts experimenting with synths and drum machine, multi-track recorders and altered voice collages. He takes up editing and mixing, and solitarily makes songs for young and old from his home in Paris’ Place Vendôme.

“Unfortunately, it’s not beautiful songs that make an amazing career. These are songs that will exist after I die.” (1969)

1. Thème du bateau 01:47
2. Siffler en travaillant 02:23
3. Et les mandolines 02:14
4. L'amour va ça va 02:34
5. Kissinger et le Duc 03:12
6. J'aime tes g'noux 03:30
7. Sex Man 02:08
8. On n'est plus chez nous 02:29
9. Hello Mickey 02:41
10. Pauvre Jésus Christ 03:10
11. Le bilan 03:09
12. Marjorie 02:17
13. Le temps des cons 02:56
14. Rock Star 03:05
15. Un jour mon Prince viendra 02:21
16. On l'a dans le baba 03:06

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Born Bad Records
Catalog: BB 141LP
Released: April 2021
Genre: Pop / Alternative / Screwball