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HAJJ - Dédicace à Personne

HAJJ - Dédicace à Personne

Brothers From Different Mothers

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Undivided, unified, the overwhelming sense of oneness. Feeling and experiencing this was her strongest desire since the departure, a deep longing. Walking back to base, she knew this had been obtained, it was clear and ran through her like water. Though she did not feel complete, she did not feel integrated or a part of the whole, as it were. The collective 'one' dissected, distributed and proliferated without her. Did she feel spaciousness or emptiness?

The latest release on Lyon-based label BFDM is a raw palette of sonics created by Dawn head honcho and visual artist, Hajj. Opening track 'My Love Is Rotten To The Core' floats in and thunders out; delicate piano and textural delays drift upon cavernous low end. The track pushes and pulls and creates space for reflection, or even just a temporary moment to bask in...

1. My Love Is Rotten To The Core (04:00) 
2. I Tried To Tell Ya Something Through This Fucking Phone (03:49)
3. Dad Is Destroying The World For My Sake (03:31)

Format: 10-inch Vinyl EP
Label: Brothers From Different Mothers
Catalog: BFDM022
Released: May 2020
Genre: Electronic / House / Dark Ambient