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Guy Contact - Liminal Space

Guy Contact - Liminal Space

Butter Sessions

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A Fresh transmission from Perth producer Guy Contact has arrived! After his debut outing on Bitterfeld in 2017 we were hooked and chasing more. His follow up 'Liminal Space' satisfies cravings and exceeds expectations.

The crisp five-tracker is rich with plasmic deep house, pounding bass and brain-tingling electronics. The title track is a writhing techno-house mutant, brimming with warped, space age textures and a striking beat. On "Holding Bay" and "Kawai K4 " Guy puts the brakes on and enters a deeper terrain. Extraterrestrial acid licks and murky drums a-plenty with the latter giving a proper nod to new-age music. On the flip, "Phase Value" dumps the clutch and gets things going again with it's spiralling synths, synthesised kicks and classy chords paying tribute to 90's trance moods. Hypno-house bomb "Void If Removed" rounds out the EP with euphoric pads and a solid, crunchy groove underwritten by a stomping kick drum.

A mind melting EP from the Perth young gun that'll satisfy your inner raver and tickle the cerebrum. Limited to 300 copies.

1. Liminal Space 06:53
2. Holding Bay 06:42
3. Kawai K4 03:12
4. Phase Value 06:26
5. Void If Removed 06:14

Format: 12-inch Vinyl 
Label: Butter Sessions
Catalog: BSR026
Released: October 2019
Genre: House / Deep House / Electro