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Guy Contact – Drinking From The Mirage

Guy Contact – Drinking From The Mirage

Butter Sessions

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Butter Sessions bestows the subsequent postscript to Guy Contact's 2019 release Liminal Space with the Perth-based producers first long-player, Drinking from the Mirage. The record lines up eight enchanting configurations, with two digi bonus tracks. The compositions were recorded over the last couple of years in his bedroom studio. He explains, “most of them were recorded in the second half of 2020. I had just quit my full-time job and found myself with much more time and energy to be creative, the majority of the songs came to life during this period.” The album's collection paints warm dreamscapes and expansive textures, an affirmation of Guy Contact further refining his craft. He treads effortlessly between acid-stained techno, dreamy braindance and trancelike downtempo that acutely grip the neural network.

The LP takes off with it’s anchor 90 Mile Straight (Nullarbor Mix), a rhythm driven cruiser that sets the tone for the record. The album's title Drinking From The Mirage follows, a collaboration with Perth artist NORI. Guy Contact comments “Nora is a friend of mine and I hit her up with that song because I thought there was an opportunity to do something together. I knew Nora had a beautiful voice from a previous project of hers.” The track perfectly pairs NORI’s gauzy and ethereal vocals with Guy Contact's distinct pads and elated synthwork. The artist then produces an IDM imprint with the remainder of the A side with Earth Hydrosphere and Feel the Feeling.

On the flipside, the sweaty Body Groove is an ecstatic work of pulsing techno, staying true to its name. Spirit Level features sweeping filters and sharp percussion work whilst Voices from the Bedrock plays with lulling leads and an entrancing melody. The LP ends with the swirling Welcome to Sporties, full of catchy vocal samples and an unceasing, steady tempo. Whether listened to in the club or driving along the Nullarbor Plain, Drinking from the Mirage is a most-welcome invitation into Guy Contact's sonic universe.

"It’s been really awesome working with Corey and Maryos on these last two records. I’m really grateful that they gave me the chance to put out my first LP. I really like the slogan “planting seeds in the underground since 2010”. That statement really rings true to me because the guys have really given me a leg up with my music and for that I’d like to say thanks!"
– Guy Contact

1. 90 Mile Straight (Nullarbor Mix) [04:54]
2. Drinking From The Mirage Ft. Nori [06:04]
3. Earth Hydrosphere [05:04]
4. Feel The Feeling [05:23]
5. Body Groove [04:51]
6. Spirit Level [05:07]
7. Voices From The Bedrock [05:09]
8. Welcome To Sporties [05:00]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl LP
Label: Butter Sessions
Catalog: BSR034
Released: 2021
Genre: House / Acid / Progressive / Techno