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Guy Contact – Desert Portal

Guy Contact – Desert Portal

ONO Records

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Following a string of acclaimed releases in 2021 ONO Records is pleased to welcome homegrown hero Guy Contact for ONO002. The prolific producer presents a collection of masterful house music that hearkens back to a bygone era whilst remaining utterly contemporary.

Dive into Side A with the driving peak time energy of the title track, Desert Portal. A propulsive rhythm keeps the feet steppin’ amongst choral synthesisers, complete with a healthy dose of slap bass tension. An excursion into entrancing downtempo styles follows. Cue the chugging rhythms, lightly bubbling acid and new age enlightenment of Aquavision and One Hand One Bounce.

The tempo rises again on Side B with the opener, Spinifex Drum. A dreamy introduction teases before erupting into early 90’s prog-house mania, sure to send the dancefloor spinning. A similar functionality pursues on the closing track There Is No Orb boasting a hard hitting beat laying foundation for lashing acid and circuit tweaking bleeps.

1. Desert Portal [05:36]
2. Aquavision [05:38]
3. One Hand One Bounce [05:01]
4. Spinifex Drum [06:57]
5. There Is No Orb [05:58]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP
Label: ONO Records
Catalog: ONO002
Released: April 13, 2022
Genre: Acid / House / Downtempo / Progressive