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Get the Met: the evolution of Melbourne’s train system
Get the Met: the evolution of Melbourne’s train system

Get the Met: the evolution of Melbourne’s train system

Get the MET

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The inaugural book of Melbourne’s Train System aesthetic history and design.

Trains have played a critical role in the landscape of urban culture beyond functionality. A canvas for the graffiti artist, a morning library for daily commuters,  and a performing stage for the busker; the role and design of Melbourne trains have evolved over the decades as technology, art and functionality coalesce to connect a bustling 21st century city. Since New York city’s birth of hip hop, to black gospel and soul train, subways and trains have always encapsulated street architecture, urban culture and graphics design. For graffiti writers in particular, trains have a high cultural value since the art’s conception in the 1960s Philadelphia and 1970s New York subways. It is art through motion and logistics conveying sociopolitical or aesthetic messages connecting to the daily masses. This book is the first of its kind to connect such elements that has given Melbourne its unique character on the global stage. 

After first publishing Infinitism Magazine in 2012, Melbourne-based designer and creative, Jourdan Sungkar has published 'Get the Met: Melbourne Train System Design', detailing the aesthetics, history and evolution of the Train System in one of the world’s most liveable cities. This book is dedicated to the display and appreciation of Melbourne’s iconic train designs over time, including the actual train models, branding, tickets, maps, routes and pamphlets. It also comes with reprinted 1980 train tickets and collectible stickers, taking us back to a nostalgic era. 

100 pp, perfect bound paperback
Comes with reprinted train tickets from the 1980s & 3 iconic stickers 
24 x 18 cm