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Factor XIII - Xtracting First Blood EP

Factor XIII - Xtracting First Blood EP

¿Club D'érange?

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The first outing on vinyl by Club D’erange recordings. The Jodorowsky’s Dune of EPs, we thought it might never get made, you never knew it was coming…

All tracks written and recorded in Geelong by Patrick Adams.
Mastered by Corey Kikos.
Designed by Darren Oorloff.

You carved your soul to shreds in servitude
to an evil entity, but false promises and betrayal
were your only reward.

Now you've got a score to settle
and it will be measured in BLOOD.

1. Zombie Daemon Process [10:45]
2. Mind Lockdown (Rhythmic Dub) [06:34]
3. Santonian Creature [07:30]
4. Hotline Communications [10:28]

Format: 12-inch Vinyl EP with heavy duty insert
Label: ¿Club D'érange? Recordings
Catalog: CDR001
Released: April 2020
Genre: Electronic / Techno / Doom / EBM